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Our History

Akili Development Savings and Credit Co-operative Society Limited (Ltd) – (ADS), was formed on October 28, 2014 by a group of likeminded cooperators. The SACCO is registered under the SACCO’s Act 2008, and is a vibrant institution dedicated to providing outstanding member services. The society is grounded in the application of the Biblical principles of honesty, openness and social responsibility in all its activities.

Why We Exist

Akili Development Sacco exists to enhance the lives of its members holistically, with a keen focus on their economic empowerment. We do this by providing quality financial services through mobilization of resources in an environment of accountability and prudent investment.   

The Society also aims to invest in agricultural value chains that benefit rural smallholder communities. We do this by supporting value chain linked production through pre-financing of inputs to member farmers. 

We seek to work in partnership with social investors, donors, and government; provide the tools and assistance necessary to implement sustainably profitable, value-adding programmes in rural communities.

Our Accomplishments since 2014

Business Training

Training / capacity building of farmers on “Farming as a Business” and general business training for our non-farmer members.

Product Purchase Finance

for energy saving products

Value Chain Financing

Inputs provisioning for farmers engaged in pilot rollout of Spinach Dehydration project in partnership with affiliate Akili entities

Investing in Agricultural Opportunities

The Sacco has facilitated members to make investments in agricultural opportunities through our co-investment product.

What We Stand For

A just and equitable society, dedicated to the empowerment of its members.  

To facilitate the holistic development of individuals and their groups through investment and & development of inclusive value chains.   


  • Voluntary and open membership
  • Democratic member control
  • Economic participation by members
  • Capacity building
  • Co-operation among co-operatives
  • Concern for community in general


  • Justice
  • Equity
  • Active Participation
  • Mentorship & leadership development
  • Transformative development

The Management Team

A board governs the sacco. It is ran by a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and a Patron who is responsible for holistic development & resource mobilization.

Haron Wachira


Itotia Kihuria


Edwin Maina


Ngunju Gichomo


Products & Services


The Sacco has numerous savings plans and products packaged to help you achieve your unique goals for the future


Registered groups, and Sacco’s are eligible to join ADS and enjoy a wide range of affordable credit services. Members have access to financial loans and other investment loans based on their accrued savings in the society.  


ADS provides comprehensive training based on the Partners Worldwide Business Curriculum for Small and Medium Enterprises to all its members. We take a hand-in-hand approach, walking alongside our valued members to build their capacity and catalyse business growth. Farmer members registered into agricultural value chains will also receive comprehensive training on agricultural production as relevant to the specific value chain.


In the interest of its members, the Sacco pursues strategic investment opportunities accessible. The affiliate investment company of the Sacco initiates specific projects for the benefit of members including real estate opportunities, and other investments into Agro-value chains.


The Sacco promotes the use of clean energy products among all its members – providing affordably priced clean energy stoves, water filters among other products on a friendly payment plan.

FAQs: Individuals Vs Group Benefits

Individuals Vs Group Benefits

As a member of a group, will I also have an individual account with the sacco?

Yes, each individual member of the group will have an individual account, and the group will also have a group account

Can I borrow as an individual?

Although the sacco only admits members as groups, individuals can qualify for personal loans – which must be secured by the member group.

What are some of the benefits to the individual?

– The individual enjoys all the benefits of being an individual in the sacco, but backed up by their own groups

– Savings in the group will be individually isolated through the personal account

– Individuals can borrow and gain security from a group

– The individual can also invest in the investment club

What are some of the benefits to groups?

The group can benefit from group loans secured by the savings of the individual members of the group


Joining the Sacco

What is the procedure for Joining ADS?  

Step 1: Fill a membership application form. The membership committee meets monthly to review and approve applications

Step 2: If approved, the group will pay a minimum entrance fee as share contribution

Am I eligible to join Akili Development Sacco?

Individuals are eligible to join the Sacco on invitation from an existing member.

Registered groups are eligible to join the Sacco

The group needs to be committed to Agricultural value chains or related enterprise.

Credit Facilities

Is my group eligible for a loan?

The group must have group savings and member savings accrued over 6 months from joining the Sacco

The group needs to e committed to attending training in order to qualify for a loan

What does my institution/group need when applying for a loan?

The group will need to fill a loan application form and submit it for vetting.

The group will need guarantors (from among the members) when applying for a loan

The loans committee will evaluate all loan applications and reserves the right to reject applications with explanation.

How much loan can my group qualify for?

Savings accrued will determine the total loan amount that the group qualifies for. Group loans can be for up to 3 times the amount of savings

Can our group apply for more than one loan?

Yes, your group may apply for a top-up loan while servicing another loan

Qualification for a top-up loan depends on servicing of current loan

What is the current interest charged on loans?

The current interest charged on loans is 12% per annum. This interest rate is reviewed annually based on the prevailing market trends.

If our group clears a loan before its completion date, will we be required to pay interest for future periods? No, once a loan is settled, no further charges apply for future periods.

Withdrawal From the Sacco

How do we withdraw our savings/shares from the society?

Savings can be withdrawn through an online/MPESA transaction. To withdraw shares from the society, the member (group) can sell shares to other members

Sacco Management

How is the Sacco run?

The sacco is run by several key committees, each with representation from the ADS membership:  

– The membership committee

– The vetting committee

– The credit committee

– The investment committee

FAQs: Individuals Vs Group Benefits

Download Application Form

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